Activated carbon screw conveyor

Product Description

    LSS screw conveyor adopts ISO01050-75 standard, design and manufacture of ZB / T7699-45 "LS screw conveyor" professional standard. The discharging end is equipped with a cleaning device, and the position of the inlet and outlet is flexible; the structure is novel, and the head and tail bearings are moved out of the shell; the intermediate crane bearings adopt rolling and sliding interchangeable structure, without dust-proof sealing device, and the sealing parts are made of nylon, which has small resistance, strong sealing and good wear resistance.

LSS screw conveyor advantages and disadvantages: compared with other conveying equipment, with a small cross-sectional size, simple structure, good sealing performance, intermediate multi-point loading and unloading, convenient and safe operation, low cost and other advantages. The shortcomings are that the material is easy to break in the process of transportation, the body is worn seriously, the conveying capacity is low, and the power consumption is large.

LSS screw conveyor adapts to working conditions: mainly used for conveying granular, powder and small pieces of materials, not suitable for conveying viscous, easy to agglomerate, easy to deteriorate materials, because these materials in the conveying will be adhered to the screw blade, and with the rotation and not forward movement, or in the hanging shaft of the formation of material blockage, so that the screw The conveyor is not working properly.

Activated carbon Conveying Equipment

screw conveyor

Screw Conveyor Machine Activated Carbon

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