The stone mill flour preserves the original flavor of the wheat. All kinds of pasta made with the milling flour mill are flexible, rich in wheat fragrance and higher in nutritional value. It is a healthy and healthy food of natural green. From wheat input to flour milling machinery to flour production, the flour processing industry's production process can be roughly divided into four steps:
The first step is to clean up the impurities. Wheat into the high efficiency combination grain screen, using a plane rotary screen to remove the soil in wheat, the use of magnetic separator to remove metal impurities, the use of gravity classifier to remove stone and inferior wheat.
Second step cleaning and drying. The wheat is added into the wheat washing machine, and water is injected and dried to further clean the impurities.
The third step is to moisten the wheat. The wheat will be washed again into the wheat machine warehouse, moistening for about 10 hours (wetting 1%).
Fourth steps to make powder. The cleaned wheat was put into the grinding machine, and after repeated grinding, the wheat bran and flour were separated.

The low speed grinding characteristics of the mill flour machine also maintain the molecular structure of the flour without any additives. When the noodles are boiled, the color of the noodle soup of the flour is pale yellow, and the other flour noodle soup with additives is white. Long term consumption is beneficial to the human body.

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