FMFQ(S)double mill is widely used for wheat flour milling,as  well as corn,broomcorn,brewage,feedstuff milling in large and medium-sized flour factories.

Structure features:
  It has adopted new design and compact structure affording good performances and high efficiency.
  The machine is made of manganese plate with cast iron base to work smoothly.Synchronou eltdrive and eccentric wheel make an efficient structure to extend its useful life.
Manual and pneumatic control makes an easy operation.
The charging system motor single driving makes sure of milling after charging.
The grinding roller bearing is dismantled easily by hydraulic pressure instead of manual hammering,so that it can keep a fine precision

The series of flour mill is mainly used for wheat milling and material crushing in corn,rice,cayenne,food,medical,chemical industry.The complete set of equipment is perfect in establishing small and medium flour factories.

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