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A method for rapid activation SLEP Furnace, characterized in that: (1) increase half-heated air into the furnace volume, the heating temperature was subsequently raised by a half furnace 900 ° C to 950 ° C; air is added through the air duct by the blower SLEP semi heating furnace, the combustible gas activation resulting combustion generates heat to increase the furnace temperature, the furnace body in a safe range, to adjust the frequency of the blower, blower speed control, to control the amount of air into the control furnace temperature; by adjusting the blower the frequency and size of air valve opening, so that the furnace temperature was controlled at SLEP .950 0C; (2), changing the air distribution SLEP furnace waste heat boiler location, to improve the utilization efficiency of the exhaust gas, so that the steam production is increased; the furnace exhaust SLEP position with the wind exhaust duct is provided in the middle thereof, using SLEP furnace exhaust heat of preheated air was added to make the waste heat boiler, and then into the combustion furnace exhaust steam SLEP the waste heat boiler, waste heat boiler to avoid temperature drops, the exhaust gas using improved efficiency and steam production, the steam pressure to 0.45MPa; (3), shortening the discharge interval SLEP furnace, the activated time from 72h to 60h or less; due to water vapor Increased steam supply, combined with the activation temperature is increased, greatly increased rate of activation, then according to indicators product discharge interval is gradually shortened, the activated time to less than 60h. SLEP furnace  is suitable for the production of various kinds of granular carbon, the process conditions are stable, the quality of the product is uniform, the adsorption performance is good, the production of various advanced activated charcoal, big production capacity , the mechanical automation can be realized, the fuel is not needed, long furnace life  and so on. So it is widely used in the production of international granular activated carbon. 

 The activation method of the SLEP furnace is a method of activating the steam and flue gas alternately. The SLEP furnace is mainly composed of the furnace body, the regenerator, the water seal, the feeder and the chimney.

SLEP furnace


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