New design carbonization furnace

Product Description

Raw material can be Sawdust, wood wool, straw, coconut shell,rice husk and small powder can be carbonized.

Carbon powder production line process:

Rotary Activated Furnace

1, USES the gasifier device, lit sawdust by gasifier, the gasifier of combustible gas burning carbonization furnace, achieve the goal of warming

2, coking furnace heated to a certain temperature, flammable gas produced by dust inside, away from the device for dust separation, dust separation of combustible gas and then through the wood tar recovery unit recycled wood tar (typically every producing one ton of carbon powder can get 200 kg to 300 kg wood tar)

3, after waiting for coking furnace heating produced gas, then the furnace heating or gas gasifier, device to stop working, and preliminary heating equipment work over.

4, coking furnace work 2-3 hours after different temperature (time) from furnace into carbon powder, and outflow from the condenser, the condenser equipment production is normal, can continuously continuously under the expected, the carbonization furnace is called continuous carbonization furnace.

Activated Carbon Production Machine

New design carbonization furnace

New design  carbon furnaces

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