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Type: Concentrate Smelting Furnace

Product Description

Rotary Carbonization Furnace consist of some basic components, including the furnace body, the furnace lining, the drive gear, and internal heat source.

The furnace body in a rotary furnace is generally made from steel plate and welded to form the barrel, which can be up to 230 m in length. The length of the furnace body can vary dramatically depending on the application, however, it becomes harder to maintain a uniform temperature throughout the chamber the longer the furnace.

The furnace lining is generally made from a refractory material to ensure that the steel body is insulated from the extremely high temperatures generated inside the furnace. A refractory lining also provides the rotary furnace with protection against corrosion. The refractory used can be bricks, cement, or moldable, depending on the application requirements. Typically, all refractories can withstand temperatures of up to 1000oC.

The drive gear is the component that rotates a rotary furnace, although this can sometimes be replaced with driven rollers. For a rotary furnace to have a variable rotation speed, the drive gear needs to have a variable speed drive to control this.

Depending on the application requirements, the internal heat source can be gas or electric. These heat sources can be driven by conduction, convection, or radiation.

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